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FANTASTIC sauce, which is the only thing I made here, thus the lack of rating. The sauce gets a 10! I admit to omitting the cayenne and I was forced to use dried parsley, but it was still just awesome. I served it on crispy tilapia (#47391) with Indonesian Spiced Rice (#14639) and easy moroccan carrots (#71033). Thanks for a royal keeper! .........Ok, I finally made the fish AND the sauce. YES MA'AM!! It turned out wonderfully even though I was doing the proverbial running/chicken/head thing in the kitchen, which is what I do when I cook more than two new dishes in one night. Served with Curried Tomatoes and Green Onion Pancakes (I know, strange combination, but I'm kinda known for that) and it ROCKED. Thank you once again, Deborah!

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Sandi (From CA) September 06, 2006

This was delicious! I poured it over fried tilapia....dipped my bread in it after. Thanks for sharing!

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italiansoxgirl25 July 17, 2009
Fried Fish With Moroccan Herb Sauce