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I've been making this recipe for around 20 years -- it's reliable, tasty and fun! I must admit that I made a mistake tonight, though: because I was already using my hand-held blender (with whisk attachment) I used it to bring the dry and wet ingredients together. A mistake! As Jeff writes, you should blend them together very gently, until they just come together (lumps are fine). The fish came out well, but sadly not as light and fluffy as usual. <br/><br/>Jeff's comments above the recipe are charming, as I recall from the book (which I lent to a friend years ago): He wrote something like "As a child of the Pacific Northwest, I would never, EVER fry fish... However, once I was in New Orleans and had some fish that tasted something like this. Here is how they made it."

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LMorland January 24, 2015
Fried Fish New Orleans