Fried Cornbread (Southern Style)

Total Time
5 mins
15 mins

A SOUTHERN bread for sure! Goes well with any boiled leafy greens, cabbage, lima beans, black-eyed peas, fried fish or pork chops. Just can't beat it!!! Just like Grandma use to make!

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  • 1 cup self-rising cornmeal mix
  • 23 cup water
  • 1 cup vegetable oil (for frying)


  1. Mix first two ingredients to make a batter --- add more or less water depending on how thick or thin you want your cornbread patties. The best way would be to mix in small amounts of water at a time to get the consistency you want.
  2. In a skillet or frying pan bring oil up to medium heat and test 1/2 teaspoon drop of batter, You do not want it to fry too fast. I normally cook mine on #6 and then furn down to #5 on my stove. Drop by tablespoons full and pat out with back of spoon to make a pattie. Turn over when bottom is light brown.
  3. Serve and enjoy this tasty bread!
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You can't beat fried cornbread! I've lived in AL all my life, but I was only introduced to this delight about 5 years ago. Great way to change up the already wonderful taste of cornbread!

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Girl, this was in the money. I haven't had these in more than 20 years. Will make these again. UPDATE: I made these before and didn't put a picture to it. I love these. I had one with some cane patch syrup. That is the only kind of syrup toeat with biscuits and fried cornbread. Made for Cajun/Creole

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This was different from any cornbread I have ever had. Simple and easy to make. We loved it. I will be making again. Thanks for the recipe.