Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 45 mins

DH and I love chicken legs better than the other sections of the chicken. I just add my special touch of seasonings to the basic flour mixture. Everyone loves them legs!!

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  1. Heat a large electric skillet to 375'.
  2. Place oil and butter in skillet til hot.
  3. Meanwhile mix together flour,salt,pepper,seasoning salt,chicken bouillon,and beau monde seasoning in a large plastic baggie or a bread bag and shake to blend.
  4. Wash and towel dry chicken legs and add to plastic bag with mixture.
  5. Shake to coat legs.
  6. Place in hot oil and fry, turning every 10 minutes. Til browned evenly.
  7. Turn heat down and cover skillet for 10 minutes. Remove cover and turn legs over and cover with lid for another 10 minutes. Remove lid.
  8. Turn heat up again and fry til crisp, with turning every 5 minutes for 15minutes.
  9. Remove from oil and place on paper towel and serve.
  10. (NOTE: You may add or delete oil to your standards before or during frying).
Most Helpful

I am only rating the cooking method/times because I used a different recipe for the breading. I will say the cooking method was AWESOME and it cooked the chicken legs perfectly! They were juicy but well-cooked and was exactly what I needed. I'm keeping this as my method for always cooking chicken legs! I will warn you: there were some major splatters going on at my house to where I had to clean my floor twice. But that's just the way it goes - so I'm getting a splatter screen before I make these again!

My Sharona April 11, 2011

This recipe was very successful. The chicken turned out golden brown and juicy. I have been frying chicken for almost all my life and this was a delicious recipe. I will be using this again.

eric_roberson13_9708219 May 30, 2011

Wow! Crispy, brown, moist, flavorful! They look picture perfect on a platter too. These were wonderful. I didn't have beau monde seasoning, so I left that out. I put in cayenne pepper to suit my husband's taste. Great recipe. Will make again.

Bondem777 February 21, 2010