Fried Brussels Sprouts

Total Time
5 mins
10 mins

I've only eaten brussel sprouts steamed, until I found this recipe. This is from my mom's 500 Low-Carb Recipes' cookbook by Dana Carpender. I added the lemon juice. This recipe has lots of possibilities!

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  1. Remove brown outer leaves of brussel sprouts. Cut the brussel sprouts in half. NOTE: Original recipe left brussel sprouts whole. It's your choice to cut in half or leave whole.
  2. In sauce pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add the brussel sprouts and fry, stirring occasionally, until very dark brown, almost charred, but NOT burnt.
  3. The last minute of cooking, add the garlic and stir in to combine. Be careful not to burn the garlic!
  4. Season to taste with salt, white pepper and lemon juice if using. Serve warm.
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I LOVED this recipe. I've never fried brussel sprouts before and this sounded so differant. Finally got around to trying it last night and it went together so easy. I did add some sauted onions to the mix at the beginning and then followed the directions exactly. The addition of the garlic and lemon gave it just the right flavor. Thanks so much for posting.

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I was not able to get mine as brown as I wanted but I think that may have been because I used frozen brussels. I followed the recipe exactly other thatn that, they were still very good. They wer soft and flavorful. I will continue to make them this way even if I never am able to get them to brown. I added the joice of half a lemon, yummy.

Love this idea, but try using unrefined Coconut Oil instead of Olive Oil. It takes heat without changing it's composition, making it a healthier oil to cook with. And no, it doesn't taste like coconut... but hey, that's not a bad idea to toss in some shredded dried coconut for a refreshing taste! Another additive, that's natural is a product called Junselle's Turkish Gold. It's a high quality blend of nuts/honey/oats that would be yummy. I think that product is 'googleable' LOL! Thanks for posting!