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Made this for dinner last nite. It's a good start altho we prefer a more highly flavored/seasoned dish. We grow all our own veggies so I went out in the garden and picked some fresh zucchini, yellow squash and green onions and diced them up evenly in a 1/2"chop. I also used Toasted Sesame Oil as it has more flavor then regular sesame oil. I added a lot of fresh garlic. The directions in this recipe are spot on-many cooks tend to "scramble" their eggs rather then cooking them to a flat dry surface. Cooking them flat enables you to cut them in strips which is more authentic and looks nicer too. We enjoyed this recipe just thought it was a little bland for our palettes. I kicked up the flavor by adding some Sriracha and red chili peppers and added a fresh chopped red bell pepper to it. There are a lot of mediocre fried rice recipes out there and this is a good recipe to start. You can customize it to your own tastes.Thanks for posting.

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plantfreek July 21, 2010

Great recipe! Make sure to cook your brown rice the night before so that it is chilled when you throw it on the skillet. I used toasted sesame oil for a bit more flavor. I also used red bell pepper (added with onion) pea pods (added with rice), bean sprouts (added with rice), corn shaved off of the cob (added with peas), and chopped zucchini and squash (added with mushrooms) to spruce it up. It's super filling and great for leftovers! I'm going to try to add a little fresh ginger mixed in with the soy sauce next time :-D

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Hailmalone1 September 16, 2015

This is very good. I have not yet purchased a wok, so I used a deep skillet. I also have an electric stove so I stirred almost constantly. Make sure to have your ingredients all chopped and measured out and its a breeze from there. Thanks for a great easy recipe :)

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JessieGirl July 11, 2010

This is easy and delicious, and it works with whatever spare veggies you have on hand-- I've tried it with bell peppers, broccoli, without green onions or mushrooms, etc. Great for an easy and tasty throw-together.

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uberivy May 05, 2008

I was looking for a good fried rice recipe that tasted like the take-out we love to order too much! This is a great recipe and easy to put together. I substituted cider vinegar for the sherry wine but stuck with the recipe otherwise. Thanks!

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Mahchef January 12, 2008
Fried Brown Rice