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I really liked this recipe a lot!!!

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developerz August 18, 2010

This recipe was great!!! My husband and I thought it was very delicious and a good way to use up the tomatoes from our garden.

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hwsanderson August 11, 2010

Thoroughly enjoyed this summertime recipe. It really is a great way to use up tomatoes, or get your tomato fix in. It is a bit labor intensive, particularly with the dough making, but the recipe does give fairly accurate prep/cook times. If you're in a hurry you could certainly use store-bought pie crusts. Also, I couldn't find sharp provolone anywhere (even at the gourmet meat market in my area) so I substituted half mild provolone and half sharp cheddar. Turned out great, if you like sharp cheddar of course. I will definately make this again with the following modifications: 1. use a shallow circular 12" tart dish because I think the home-made crust will work better. I used my pretty, deep, oval 12" pie dish and had to use every last crumb of dough to cover the sides - it was also hard to slice in a deep dish. 2. Use only 1.5 pints of grape tomatoes, or will try heirloom tomatoes sliced and layered on top - 2 pints of grape tomatoes was a bit too much for us and we love tomatoes, 3. Will bake higher up in the oven. I had the dish in the middle, and had to keep it in for an extra 5 minutes - even then all the tomatoes weren't cooked and soft. The first time did come out quite well though, and my picky-eater of a b/friend said he'd eat it again. I served it with a salad, since the cheese filling and home-made dough makes it quite rich and decadent.

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notbettyhomemaker August 01, 2012

This is a wonderful way to use up garden tomatoes. Very tasty! I used a 10 inch tart pan and it was a bit too small, I would recommend a 12 inch pan. Also, I don't believe the instructions are clear as to when to add the butter. I added it while the dry ingredients were mixing in the food processor before adding the egg. Will definitely make this again!

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Cook4_6 August 21, 2010
Fresh Tomato Tart