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this was absolutely delicious. so simple to make and the taste is better than any bottled dressing and just as good if not better than any dressing ive had in very good restaurants. i was able to use it on spinach salad even though it was not a water dressing because it was such a great texture! i followed the recipe exactly except the vinegar. i had to use what i had on hand; so i used balsamic mixed with white vinegar... i also think this would be even better with summer tomatoes as tomatoes around here right now are pathetic. but it was still great evenso. will make this each week now. thanks!

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jennifer in new jersey April 03, 2005

This turned in to a delicious dressing Dancer! I did as suggested and roasted the garlic before using. For the required vinegar, I used my own Herbal Vinegar with Basil Herbal Vinegar with Basil and added a pinch of brown sugar to the final dressing just to give it the slightest sweet flavor. It was so good! This recipe is a keeper!

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- Carla - March 15, 2005

I used your basic white wine vinegar and it was delicious! We added a little more garlic just because we’re garlic fans. It has a nice cream texture and a really good bite. We found that a little goes a long way and it’s a big hit in out family.

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Blond one May 05, 2009
Fresh Tomato and Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing