Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is an old family recipe that every family would love. Go's well with Ma's One Egg Cake.


  1. In mixer, combine butter, sugar and vanilla.
  2. Add strawberries, one at a time, until you reach the desired consistency.
  3. I wouldn't use frozen strawberries for this recipe.
  4. For a smaller cake, the Zaar conversion isn't quite right. Here is what I do:.
  5. 10x13 or two layer cake: 2 cups powdered sugar to just under 1/4 c butter.
  6. 9x9 or one layer cake: 1 cup powdered sugar to just under 2 T butter.
Most Helpful

I had a dilema, after starting the recipe I realised that I had eaten all my strawberries the day before - so I substituted for frozen rapberries (that we had picked ourselves). I allowed them to thaw a little then I added them slowly to the mix with my mixer running and ended up with an amazing frosting. It has a bit of a bumpy finish because of the seeds but it was beautifuly pink and tasted great. Just decorate with more raspberries. Great recipe - thanks!

Elbeth July 02, 2008

I used this icing to frost an Icelandic commercially sold & popular cake w/pound cake texture that is layered w/strawberry jam & normally served w/whipped cream. I did have a cpl of issues w/it, but adjusted for them to get a stellar & well-received outcome when served to guests Sat nite. I found it too sweet for my pers pref & too thin to really be spread as icing. The latter issue was prob my own doing as I had to use frozen (& thawed) berries. They were lrg & I used just 2 to get the desired flavor. Since I made it the day b4 needed, I was able to mellow the sweetness & adjust texture by adding cream cheese. It was perfection for me, so I iced the cake & topped it w/chocolate sprinkles. Icelanders love their sweet treats & 1 of my male guests made a point to say how much he loved the *strawberry cream* on the cake. Thx for sharing this recipe w/us. I liked it a lot & my somewhat hybrid version will definitely be repeated for DH & other guests.

twissis May 14, 2007

I cut this down by 2/3rds becuase I had a very small cake and DH had already snuck a few slices of it... Even with 1 cup of icing sugar it was still rather liquid and VERY sweet... but it did taste excellent as far as the strawberry taste was concerned ( I used 3 large strawberries) Please se my Rating System: 4 lovely stars becuase I liked the fact that we could get a pink colour and nice flavour without using food colouring etc. If you have a smaller cake then you'll need to experient with the amounts quite a bit to get it right, but I can definiately see the potential in using this in the future. I will add some orange flower water in the mix next time because it cuts the "sugar" taste in icing( frosting) a LOT... and now I just need ... a bigger cake! Thanks!

kiwidutch June 15, 2008