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Yummy dip, that is different from the mayonnais-ey fattening stuff at most parties. I made this for the Christmas this year, and it was the first time I'd ever hosted...luckily, this dip went over well, but i made a few changes and would recommend a few more next time I make it: Instead of using ONLY plain, nonfat yogurt I used equal thirds of the yogurt, fat free sour cream, and regular sour cream (next time I'll use half yogurt/half regular sour cream) and I think this made it much more flavorful and appealing to a larger audience. Also, I used 9 large cloves of garlic, but I think it should have been more like 7 or 8 medium sized cloves...I would also recommend using the jarred pre-chopped garlic (the roasted kind would be best) as the fresh garlic made it VERY garlicky (and my family is Italian!). Also, I added about twice the amount of spinach and would recommend at least that much if not more. Otherwise this dip is a great hit, especially for my dad who is on a sodium restricted diet!

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Beckee December 30, 2003
Fresh Spinach Dip