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I can't rate it because I couldn't make it as is. I needed to make gluten-free version, so I had to alter the recipe. I used Expandex instead of the wheat starch, thinking that the extra stickiness of the Expandex would work well. We thought these were OK, but not as good as we wanted. They are very soft and not at all toothsome - we didn't try to cook with them yet but I am worried they will very easily break apart. Not sure I would change, though, but will try a slightly different version next time. I also tried a recipe with only rice flour and did not like it as much as this. Adding some starches does seem to be best.

Timing was hard - I wasn't sure what constituted done. If you leave them too long, though, they start to crack. If you take them too soon, they are too squishy.

I also didn't use pans as they didn't fit in my steamer. I used muslin stretched taut over a bamboo steamer insert. The first one was hard to get off, but it created a sort of coating over time that made them much easier to remove.

In the end we decided on 3 minutes steam time per noodle. While I might be able to make a batch in less time than going to the store, it would depend on how far the store was! It might have been faster if I had used both sections of my steamer.

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GFJane December 05, 2010
Fresh Rice Sheets and Noodles