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The crunchy glaze topping made this delicious peach cobbler unique. Since there were four of us, and I didn't want left overs, I cut the recipe in half, and that worked beautifully in a 8 X 8 square glass pan. Thanks for sharing this great recipe, Leta.

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PanNan May 19, 2003

Leta, this cobbler may very well be the best I've ever eaten! Now, that's saying something because I was raised on cobbler and have been making it most of my life! I love it! This is such a simple recipe and produces excellent results. I have never used tapioca in cobbler before, but it was great! Just make sure you do not over fill your pan because the tapioca will expand and will cause a melted-down, burned on mess in the bottom of your oven ;) . Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe with us, Leta!! I will keep this recipe handy and make every peach season!!

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Bev August 21, 2003

We all agree that this is the best peach cobbler ever! I think I will use a lasagne pan next time, because I want to add more peaches. I used 8 peaches, but I didn't measure how many cups they came out to. Two more would be better. I think I will reduced the amount of tapioca to 3TB like other reviewers did. The filling baked over a little and made a mess, so a bigger pan will fix that. Thanks!

Update: I made this again in a lasagne pan with 8 huge nectarines, and 3TB tapioca. Everything else stayed the same. It still slightly bubbled out of the pan in the oven, but nothing too bad. This time the fruit was saucy and the cobbler part was the right thickness. It was very well received. The extra sugar/cornstarch mixture really makes this cobbler unique. It is a ton of sugar in this cobbler, but the end result is worth it! No one said it was too sweet or a sugar overload either. The pan was emptied!

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Kiko August 28, 2012

I made this last night. To die for...which I am eating it now after micro it for 20 seconds. Next time, which will be in a few minutes for a friend, I will only use 1 cup of sugar in the topping. I used (2) 29oz. cans sliced peaches,heavy syrup, drained. Baked in (2) 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 inch foil pans. I raised the edges on the pans incase it rose too high. It worked out great. My husband said this is the best recipe. Thank you Leta!!!!!!!!!!

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Young Living in Texas August 27, 2003

I disliked most everything about this recipe; don't like cobbler, despise tapioca, not big on a lot of sugar but with a name like this and a 5-star review I just had to try it. It's really, really good. The best cobbler I've ever had and no sign of tapioca. Next time I'll cut way back on the sugar. Thanks, Leta.

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sugarpea August 24, 2003

Excellent peach cobbler...my favorite flavor of cobbler. Will definitely make this again.

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55tbird August 08, 2009

This cobbler was delicious and so simple to make! My husband and I both agree this recipe is a keeper! I would give it more stars if I could! I made a half recipe and did not have tapioca so I substituted with 3 T. flour. I also used less sugar with my fresh peaches because they were very sweet and juicy on their own. We had a nice amount of peachy syrup on the bottom of the pan. I had some buttermilk that I needed to use so subbed it for the milk. I added a little bit extra since it made the batter so thick. I'm not sure where other reviewers got that they were supposed to use 2 tsp or tbsp. of both cinnamon and nutmeg! The recipe indicates much less and also "to taste". And anyone also needs to consider that spices can be adjusted, added, or even completely removed or replaced, if you prefer something different! If something sounds like it would be too much, then add just a little, taste, and then add more if you think it needs it. I made the topping according to the half recipe and wondered if it would be too sweet. We served it with vanilla ice cream which probably helped to balance the sweetness. It was fabulous and I can't wait to try it with other fresh fruits! I used a 10"x10" pan, sprayed with Pam, and had no run over. Baked for 1 hour and it was perfect.

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gusmom61 May 12, 2014

I did not care for this recipe - too much bread - not juicy.

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UofAlabamaFan September 12, 2013

I just got do making this and I think I might get diabetes before I even eat it. I am following exact directions, although at altitude I had to adjust the sugar. More to follow.

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michelle b. September 08, 2013

This is the best thing I've ever made with peaches.

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Duke earl July 29, 2013
Fresh Peach Cobbler, the Absolutely Best Ever