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I have 2 words for you Mean Chef...SIMPLY DELICIOUS!! I did have to use frozen pie crusts since I made this at the last minute. However that didn't matter, I brought this to my parents for Sunday dinner and every last piece went. Actually I was told next time to make 2. Thanks this is a keeper!

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Dana-MMH January 13, 2003

I love peaches and this was the best peach pie. The last recipe I used had white sugar and vanilla extract. The brown sugar and almond extract makes a big difference. I highly recommend this pie.

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mom42 July 21, 2003

This is an excellent recipe for using fresh peaches!! I have used Mean Chef's recipe for Classic Pie Crust so many times before, so I knew it would work perfectly for this recipe. The taste of the filling is sensational! I followed Mean Chef's steps to a "T" for perfect results! I did however, brush the top crust an egg wash and sprinkle ever so slightly with sugar before cutting the vents for a beautiful presentation and lovely browned crust. Served with vanilla ice cream. : )

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Bev July 29, 2003

I made this last weekend for a family picnic, since it's the height of peach season here. A very nice twist on the standard peach pie. Because my fresh peaches were so juicy, I added about a teaspoon of cornstarch to the fruit mixture and sprinkled a little tapioca on the bottom of the pie crust before pouring in the filling. (I also used pre-made pie crust). It looked absolutely beautiful and my family thought it was great. The only complaint I recieved was that I hadn't made two!

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Lil Baker August 26, 2003

Because of the rave reviews for this pie, I thought I'd give it a try. Before I get to my other comments, I will say this is an easy pie to put together if using frozen pie crusts, that said - I did make two changes. First I used frozen pie crust like one of the other reviewers. This seemed to come out fine for me. The second thing I did, although it wasn't stated, was the type of peaches that were used. I used a combination of White Babcock and yellow peaches. I don't know if this made a difference in the filling taste or if this recipe orginally required only yellow peaches, but I wasn't pleased with the taste. The only way I can describe it for me is "bland". A filling with no taste. Like a low fat dessert with no "mouth" feel. Even the texture was "mushy". I like to be able to taste my peaches, flavor wise and texture wise. Sorry, but I don't think I will try this again. I'm now glad I didn't go through the time of making the pie crusts.

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kestrel July 28, 2003

yum yum
I used thawed frozen peaches and added some mangoes too. I was too lazy to make a top crust, so I just left it open-faced. Still came out great and not runny at all. I used the juice of 1 small lemon and threw in the zest of it too for some brightness. Thank you!

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hippeastrum June 16, 2011

This is great recipe that gives a little "oomph" to the standard peach pie. The almond and lemon enhance the flavor of the peaches and the light cinnamon flavor gives it a comfort food feeling. I plan on experimenting with other fruits like apple and cherry just for kicks. My husband really enjoyed this too. P.S. I substituted the 1/2 cup of white sugar with Splenda and didn't tell my husband. He didn't know the difference. (Heehee)

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Robin Riger June 06, 2010

wow! I used 1 cup of raspberries in place of 1 cup of peaches which was AMAZING! Also, after washing, peeling and cutting the peaches I placed them with the raspberries in a sieve along with about 1/8 cup of sugar and let it sit for a half hour. This draws some moisture out to avoid the runny pie mess (and the liquid is good to brush on top of the pie before baking). I used vanilla extract instead of almond and omitted the butter only because I forgot to and it came out reallllllly well!!! Thanks! I can't stop eating it!

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JungleLove September 28, 2009

I have made LOTS of pies - but this was my first fresh peach pie - and is absolutely wonderful! I used the Means pie crust (another 5 star!). I was intrigued with the use of almond extract, but decided to give it a go - and it is fantastic in this pie. I made it using half Whey Low (www.wheylow.com) and half sugar to cut down the calories. I agree with the other person that it really does need more flour or cornstarch, the pie was a bit runny even after cooking a little longer than called for. Still a great recipe and will definitely be making this again during peach season! Thank you!

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libertybay August 08, 2009

Yum! Good sweet peach pie. Overflowed a bit (thank goodness for aluminum foil and some forethought!) I used a frozen pie shell since I had one, but made the top crust myself. Delicious pie! I did taste the lemon juice, so I might cut back on that a little. I also forgot the butter, but it didn't seem to matter. My pie wasn't too runny, but it did sit for a bit after coming out of the oven. Thanks so much for posting!

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StacyMD187373 August 03, 2008
Fresh Peach Brown Sugar Pie