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I doubled the recipe, used red wine vinegar, used a mixture of honey and sugar instead of all sugar, and replaced some of the veg oil with olive oil. It is wonderful! I was surprised by how sweet it turned out, but it was a good kind of surprise! I also don't have a food processor, so I used a mixer. Pretty messy, but I don't think it spoiled the outcome.

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Amy the college cooker March 30, 2009

Once again Jules you totally nail a recipe! Congrats!!!! While living in Mexico we made a dressing much like this, but to be honest, yours is superior! T.J.

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davinandkennard August 02, 2007

This dressing was sweet! I added some honey and about three times more papaya seeds and it was wonderful! Next time, I'm going to try it as a chicken marinade.

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Cheerleader August 01, 2007

Again...another update: I use this dressing primarily when we go to Hawaii as I can get lots of fresh papaya. I have used all the seeds...used different vinegars/lemon juice...Dijon musard...half water and oil. All have come out extremely well. Used leftover dressing over cold pasta was a huge hit with the family. Very flexable recipe to use up the ingredients you have on hand!!! Highly recommend! Update August 2008: I been playing around with this recipe and have come up with a couple of changes to make it a little more low cal. I have done: 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup oil (grapeseed preferably), 2 T white wine vinegar and 2 T seasoned vinegar (raspberry, blueberry) and about 3 T of the papaya seeds. Watch the amount of onion as some are very strong in taste. June 2007 Very, very good...in fact, I was suprised on how nice this dressing was!!! There was a nice harmony between the flavours. I used Splenda for the sugar and Grapeseed oil for the vegetable oil (which gave it a light taste I enjoyed). Next time I will play around with the oil ratio and see what I come up with. I served this with baby romaine lettuce and tomatoe with a bit of parmesan grated on top. I think this dressing could be also used in a cold pasta dish. As I am on a papaya and mango kick lately....this is going to be my dressing for the summer. I would highly recommend this recipe. Thanks Julesong...this is a winner!

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Abby Girl January 14, 2012

I also used grapeseed oil and a HEAPING tablespoon of papaya seeds, for an extra zip. It was so easy and quick to make... why BUY a dressing for that summer salad? It was by far the most delicious rasberry vinegarette I have ever made or tasted! I think that I'll try pomegranate vinegar next time!

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babyfoodmaker July 07, 2007
Fresh Papaya Seed Dressing