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This recipe is gorgeous - thanks for sharing. I only baked the cake today and have already eaten 2 slices - its soft and so yummy. I didn't use the full amount of nectarines as I only had 2 and I put vinegar in milk because I didn't have any yogurt. I'll definitely be making this again.

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zai-zai March 04, 2013

If I could give this recipe 6 stars I would, it's like a little bit of heaven! Seriously the best cake I have ever cooked. I followed the recipe to the letter, making sure that the butter was soft, that the butter/sugar mix was creamy, and the eggs were room temp. I didn't add the nuts (not a nut fan) and I used about 1/4 cup of lemon juice. I also used a 20cmx20cm square tin, which worked perfectly. I think it's the yoghurt and cinnamon that makes the taste divine. I thought 55 minutes would be too long, but it's perfect. Eat it warm with whipped cream! Superb!

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Idgy88 January 07, 2013

Wow! We were going to make this nectarines, but they were too far gone to use so I grabbed the BC cherries that I had saved in my freezer and used them instead. Wow again! My 8 yr old dd thought that the batter tasted like cherry pie so she is now calling this the cherry pie cake. Used the plain yogurt as that was what we had and kept everything else the same. So moist and tasty. The cinnamon actually was a really nice taste with the cherries. We'll be saving this recipe and using it again and again....

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suchee August 09, 2007
Fresh Nectarine Cake