Fresh Mayonnaise - Healthy! Pure! No Junk

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Top Review by Mysterygirl

This was sooo easy. I've never made mayo before so this was my first time. It wasn't that hard using the mixer. It has a nice flavor. I haven't tried the hair mask version yet but may do that next.

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  1. Mix egg, lemon juice (or vinegar), mustard, salt and sugar along with the pepper, together in an electric mixer bowl.
  2. Gradually add the olive oil.
  3. Blend well.
  4. Refrigerate (if making for edible purposes).
  5. *** For best hair conditioning purposes, use immediately after making without refrigerating first. The reason is, the fats and oil will penetrate your hair follicles better if it is not cold. Tip to remember for all hair care: Warm/Hot opens the hair follicles so that conditioner can penetrate deeper. And cold water closes the hair follicles. So after you shower your hair, after you rinse every thing out, rinse again with a blast of very cold water. The coldest you can possibly stand. This cold water blast will also make your hair super shiny!***.

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