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Thank you for this super easy recipe! I substituted Apple cider vinegar to keep this Gluten-Free and needed to add a bit more ice water, mine was a little dry also. It made 5 cups of very hot, and very tasty horseradish! We used some right away in a sauce for Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon. Do be careful of the vapors while blending and bottling - they can be quite overwhelming! This will be my go-to recipe for Horseradish from now on!?

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Chef Stacy Lynn January 10, 2015

I always heard homemade horseradish was easy to make but I had no idea how easy. Thanks for a simple yet totally effective way to make your own. I added a little extra water and vinegar to mine as it seemed a little dry. Thanks so much and I will never buy a store brand again.

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Chefbabs November 16, 2014

Thank you so much for posting!! Funny thing happened...when I called DH and asked him to pick me up a jar of Horseradish for last night's dinner!! I looked at this foot long UGLY root and asked "what the heck?" DH went to the desk...signed on Zaar....and the rest is history :) I will tell everyone I know....once you've had the real stuff...I'll never buy a jar of it again!! Followed your recipe, made approx 3 cups...and I hope it lasts a very long time :) We put in 4 or 5 tbls in 1 cup of sour cream and served it with our prime rib. Thank you for posting Rita!! P.S. we were able to skip our allergy tablets last night!!

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katie in the UP November 13, 2008
Fresh Horseradish Hot Stuff