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Great recipe, I followed it to the "T", with exception of the cheese and panko topping which I left out of the recipe as I had another dish with cheese in it. My family loved it.

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pcohiogirl November 26, 2011

I needed to make veggies for a shelter group and this seemed like a nice variation on the classic bean casserole. I, too, followed the recipe to a T (quadrupling it) but found there was WAAAAY too much liquid. Two cups of liquid for 1 lb of beans seems a little high and only 2 T flour to thicken the liquid seems too little. Frying the leeks is a messy and time consuming process, but the flavor of the dish is very good. I now have a nice soup base with the leftover liquid.

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greenmtnfoodie December 29, 2011
Fresh G.b.c. (Green Bean Casserole)