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These cookies are delicious and are a "must try" for cranberry lovers. They are moist and full of wonderful flavors, and the glaze really adds that extra touch. Just remember to glaze the cookies while they are still warm, as the recipe directs; I forgot to glaze the first pan right away and found out that they glaze much more nicely if you remember to brush it on while they are still warm. I glazed the rest of the cookies as soon as I transferred them from the baking pans to cooling racks. I made per recipe and don't think anything at all needs to be added or changed, but next time I think I'll add some chopped walnuts--I just think they'd be a great addition here. Everyone who tasted these cookies loved them. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

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GaylaJ December 29, 2007

Great recipe! There are two ways to think of these cookies: As festive holiday cookies, or as healthy year-round oatmeal cookies. Ingredient proportions are correct, lemon glaze adds "zing." Highly recommended.

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Futtimanette December 08, 2008

They are fantastic,I made these 3 times first time I followed the receipt to the letter. Great,next I added coconut 1 cup still great,next I added nuts 1 cup fine chopped pecans. You can do alot with it but the original is great.

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Old One paul February 25, 2015

These were a very tasty little cookie, but they weren't quite as successful for me as they were for everyone else, and I'm not sure why. I followed this recipe exactly as posted, using fresh cranberries. The dough seemed to me a little too soft and it was. The cookies spread out very thin when baked and were too soft to remove from the baking sheet. A lot of them broke in half when I attempted to do so, and I really had to let them cool before trying. The glaze actually added to the softness, so I ended up with a tinful of delicious, but crumbled, cookies. I do want to try this again and see if I have better luck. Thanks for shairng.

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JackieOhNo! February 18, 2014

Made these yummy cookies today and we were pleased with how they turned out. They make very pretty oatmeal cookies with the pieces of bright red cranberry in them. DH really liked them; however, I found them to be a bit too sweet for my tastes even without the glaze. I think next time I would use less brown sugar. Made for Sweet December tag, December, 2013.

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DailyInspiration December 09, 2013

I had a bad cookie experience with this recipe, unfortunately. They all fell apart...wouldn't stay together at all. Good flavor but unfortunately I had to throw them out.

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runbug3 March 09, 2015

This recipe is tough for me to review. First off, I was wanting to use up about 11/4 cups frozen cranberries. I halved the recipe but use decided to use the full 11/4 and then I blew it when chopping the cranberries. My FP was dirty and I was too lazy to wash it before starting the recipe, so I decided to use my blender and then proceeded to pulverize the cranberries, so much for that idea. Anyway, I went ahead with the recipe, adding some white chocolate chips. I had to bake them about 14 mins. just to get to the point where they looked cooked. I tried one and they were kind of cakey, but the flavor was really good. I let the next batch sit on the pan a little longer and those ended up soft but not cakey and sooooo goood! I'm writing this recipe in detail just because I would like to make these again, in the same way, because we liked them so much. But, I plan on making these as stated in the recipe too. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad to have found this keeper recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview February 22, 2014

These are delicious! I was pleased to see an easy recipe with fresh cranberries. I wondered about the absence of vanilla, and added a touch of salt and 1/4 cup of chocolate chunks and !/3 cup of broken walnuts just to give them a little more texture. Also followed with the lemon glaze.

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Rachel K. December 25, 2013

Now I have 2 favorite Cranberry cookie recipes! My other is a white chocolate with oats and dried cranberries. I had a little over 1cup of fresh cranberries hanging around and found this recipe to try. I halved the recipe, they turned out great! I used quick oats not sure which were recommended, I did have to refrigerate my batter due to lack of time so the batter sat a few hours-old fashion oats may have been better since I waited to bake. Either way still super yummy! love the lemon glaze and the fresh cranberries! Thanks!

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newtocookingm&m December 15, 2013

Turned out great! Made a number of modification though: I loved this recipe b/c it was one of the few i could find that called for FRESH cranberries. I followed the recipe except left out all the spices (felt they'd conflict with the fresh tartness of the berries and orange zest) and folded in 3/4 cup white chocolate chips at the end. Mine ended up baking a good 20 minutes. Came out perfect: sweet and tart!

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e.valerie November 27, 2013
Fresh Cranberry Cookies