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"Heavenly! World class!" is what a friend said when I served him a piece of this fabulous cake! I found this easy to make - very straight-forward. I have never heard of a cake using raw corn kernels, along with fresh lemon juice and a generous amount of vanilla extract as flavors! The fragrance is wonderful, it has pretty colors, and the texture is dense, but not heavy. Perfect! Made for ZWT4. So glad you posted this recipe, California Jan!

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Divaconviva June 27, 2008

I've made this a few times now and love adding honey. Once I was short on time (determined to bring these to a meeting!) and decided to bake them as muffins. If you do, be sure to use paper cups. The raspberries make them a little hard to hold together but still totally work. Thanks for the great recipe! This quickly became a family favorite!

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MaMoms October 19, 2011

For ZWT 5 the Dining Daredevils. I love corn and in this recipe it was so good. I was pleasantly surprised that it went well with the raspberries in this recipe.

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Studentchef June 02, 2009

This was lovely! Surprising combination, but it really works well together. Such a moist cake, too. I think this would be a perfect item on a brunch table because of the somewhat muffin-like texture of it. The contrast of the whole berries with the yellow corn base makes it an attractive cake (if you're really careful with folding in the berries, they stay pretty intact and don't bleed into the cake much). I kept this cake at home for DH and I, but I'll have to make this again and bring it to work for the tech table -- I think my coworkers would go nuts for this! Thanks for posting! Made for ZWT4 Family Picks

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Muffin Goddess July 10, 2008

Wow!!! I love this! It is one of my favorite recipes from Zaar! Fresh corn and fresh raspberries! YUM! So easy to make. Not too sweet, just perfect for an afternoon snack or dessert. I will make this often!!!

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susie cooks June 25, 2008
Fresh Corn Cake With Raspberries