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Seriously!? I have bought so many dog treats hoping they would make our dogs breath fresher and the only thing we ever found were greenies and I am not in the position to spend that much on dog treats! I was out of several of the ingredients when I first made them, but I improvised and put them on in the oven. I had to bake them a lot longer than I thought, but I think it's because I modified the recipe. Some even got a little brown. I let them get hard and then started handing them out. They loved them and their breath has never been fresher! I am not one to leave reviews unless I am super excited about something. We have 3 dogs of all different ages and they all smell 100% better. As soon as they hear me grab the ziploc, they come running. I am making more today, but have all of the ingredients this time. I am sure they will come out wonderfully and my bank account appreciates the homemade treats. Thank you so much for posting!

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wifey9282 January 12, 2012

ok this is another one I chose for PAC-06. I made these at my SIL place cause she has a dog that loves treats. I stored them in an airtight container in the fridge and she also froze some. The dog loved em we didn't seem to have problems with molding. I am not sure how the frozen ones will be but I can post that later.

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Shirl (J) 831 September 18, 2006

I thought this recipe for home made treats might be the answer, but unfortunately my two dogs did not like them, despite all the coaxing from me!<br/><br/>Also, even though I stored them in an airtight container, they started growing mould after about 7-8 days.

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Aly S. January 31, 2014

Great biscuits for the dog. Also shared with friends and their dogs loved them.

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adopt a greyhound February 07, 2012

I got this recipe from Dr Harry too on the BH&G website! My old dog loved them, also adding a littel bit of stock powder makes them more attractive to the fussier dogs! I haven't had a problem with moulding, perhaps cook them a little longer so they dry out a bit more, and reduce the moisture content???? Although I wouldn't be to keen to add garlic as is can cause aneamia and other problems ie http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=2&aid=2414

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TrueBlueGirl September 15, 2009

Calvin & Maggi love them. I freeze all my homemade bones in a zip-lock, then keep them in the fridge as i use them. I chopped baby carrots in a food processer with cheese. I also added a little garlic powder.

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Lorieckl January 18, 2009

i made this for my dog who loved it but the problem that i had was that a couple days after i made them i went to give one to the dog and they were all moldy i thought it was what i was storing them in but when i made them again and this time used my food save to store them they still got moldy after a few days.

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buzzonesbirdie August 12, 2006
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