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FABULOUS MUFFINS! There were perfect, moist and flavorful with out being heavy or gummy. The topping adds a nice amount of sweetness and crunch without being overwhelming. I used frozen blueberries dusted in flour and salted butter, other this and cutting the recipe in half I made it as written. The half recipe made 8 which surprised me because I usually get fewer than recipes state. I will definetly make these again! Thanks Sharon for sharing :) Made for PRMRT

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momaphet January 27, 2013

I can say from experience that all the rave reviews for this recipe are absolutely deserved! The recipe made 6 big muffins in my extra-large muffin tin. SO moist and delicious! Next time I'll remember to dust the blueberries in the flour mixture first, per some other reviews. And I'm Thinkin' I might add some lemon zest, too ... just a pinch. Everyone loved them. I'll definitely be making more soon!

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mlawlor January 10, 2016

We loved these!! Even better the next day, so moist. Thank you for sharing.

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Chef for the love of sweets August 14, 2014

Lovely recipe! I used frozen blueberries and should have followed momaphet's advice and dusted with flour because my blueberries bunched together. I discovered--too late- that I did not have paper liners so kept them in muffin pan for 5 minutes before dumping them out and they came out fine. This recipe makes a lot more than 12 regular size muffins. Thank you for another great recipe.

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WiGal January 12, 2014

These muffins are delicious! Packed with blueberries, nice and moist. I loved the crunchy sweet topping which was a great addition since the muffins themselves are not overly sweet. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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loof September 02, 2013

I too used the frozen blueberries - maybe I should have defrosted them first! But I didn't. Other than making the dough really cold, they were great.
I also didn't fill the pans as much as suggested - or else my muffin cups were smaller. I got more muffins than it said - which was a good thing really!

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thejonesgal April 26, 2011

I made these after getting a great buy on fresh blueberries. They are awesome! I used turbinado sugar, white sugar and a little extra cinnamon for the topping and put it on before putting them in the oven but otherwise followed the recipe as posted. My farmers LOVED them. Thanks for posting the recipe!

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vosmom2 February 12, 2011

These were totally awesome!!! I made them in my texas muffin tin and they were huge and the muffin tops were ginormous they all puffed up and spilled over, which made for some gorgeous crunchy muffin tops which I think are the best bits. I had a few friends around last night and made a few finger foods both sweet and savoury. I put 4 of these out as well with a knife so people could cut them into smaller pieces. They got rave reviews with everyone commenting on how full of fruit they were. I used a mix of fesh and frozen blueberries as they are almost $5 a punnet here and I would have had to buy 4-5 to have the required amount. I wasn't sure whether this would make the mix too runny but went with it as another reviewer had used frozen and I totally agree had no problems mixing it up. These have definitely been saved to enjoy again I can highly recommend. For anyone thinking of using a texas muffin tin I got 9 huge muffins out of this recipe.. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe Sharon!!

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The Flying Chef November 14, 2010

These were delicious muffins. I just love muffins, they are so good, especially with a cup of tea in the morning. I know this recipe asks for fresh blueberries but there was no way I was going to pay 5.99 for a tiny container because I would of needed 2 and 1/2 containers. So I went with the frozen and it did not make a difference at all, except for the cost of making them. I had made 16 muffins which was great because I froze 6 to give to my Daughter and I was real generous and gave 6 to my Boss/Friend. If I would of kept them all here I would of ate them all alone....Not a good thing.....I know I will be making these again and especially when my daughter tries them, I am sure these will be on her list of goodies every time. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful recipe Sharon. Made in honor of Sharon's DH

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FrenchBunny October 27, 2010

I used soy milk in place of the regular milk. These are tasty muffins. Thanks for the recipe

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Cilantro in Canada April 29, 2010
Fresh Blueberry Sour Cream Muffins