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What to make when you are short of time or just want to be lazy? This recipe was perfect for those occasions. I cut the recipe down to 2 servings and used Niman's bacon wrapped pork chops along with apples from my yard. Since I wanted to add a bit more color when opening these wonderfully aromatic packages, I also sauteed onion along with some garlic and sprinkled port instead of white wine. Then I put the packages away in the refrigerator until my husband returned from work. In just 30 minutes in the oven and with some wonderful smell permeating through my kitchen, dinner was served along with shredded cabbage salad with our own wild caught smoked salmon. How simple is that and so satisfyingly tasty to boot. This made very, very juicy pork chops full of flavor perfect for Autumn. Thank you chef for posting this yummy recipe.

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Rinshinomori November 04, 2008

What a great fall meal!!! I had 10 adults over and it was so easy to put together. Next time, I will use more apples and less onions.

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Cul_de_sac_Barbie October 14, 2007

this dish is excellent and so easy. not sure if its the blend of everything but it almost smells of maple syrup when your opening the paper. It is a great and easy meal. I did it with steamed vegetables on the side and it was perfect

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bggio August 08, 2007
Frenched Pork Chops in Apple