Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

To Prepare: Place 2 (or more)teaspoon of dry Cafe Vienna into a coffee cup. Add hot water to fill up the cup (about 3/4 cup hot water). Stir and serve.


  1. Measure all of the ingredients in a clean dry bowl.
  2. Use a fork or a whisk to combine everything together, so it's all evenly distributed.
  3. Transfer the mixture to a pretty jar, resealable container, or a zip lock bag.
  4. Store on the pantry shelf.
  5. This makes a good gift, especially in the winter time.
Most Helpful

Thank you HEAPS for this recipe, Poppy. I cannot get this stuff here and there are times I just CRAVE it. Excellent recipe. Hits the spot just right.

Babyoil March 03, 2003

Thanks for this recipe. I made some up to keep in my lunch box. I am a substitute in our school district and usually get called that morning to report to work. Being in a different school frequently, this is nice to have on hand. Thanks for posting.

Audrey M February 27, 2003

Sorry to say but this wasn't good at all. I have been trying to find a recipe to use up my instant milk and i found this and i love these kinda drinks and i was so excited to make it, but it wasn't good i threw out the rest of my cup and the mix. Sorry, maybe it was just the kind of instant coffe i used

Katrina May 05, 2003