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This was special! For those of you poor souls who have just been topping your French toast with maple syrup or sugar, you have got to try it with apple sizzle! This stuff is really yummy! I made the French toast with leftover challah, which just happens to be the perfect bread for French toast. I didn't add the sugar when making the French toast, but figured that if I'm already using butter and maple syrup, why go with skim milk, and used half and half. This is a great breakfast for those who really want to spoil themselves!

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Mirj April 28, 2003

So easy & sinfully wonderful!! I used mapeline (1 cup water 2 cups sugar & 1/4 tsp cream of tarter boiling 3 min then remove from heat & add 1/2 tsp mapleine) cream of tarter adds thickness to syrup. Tasted just like an Old Fashioned Breakfast!! Thank You....will make often!!!

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momofsixgirls March 02, 2009

What a tasty recipe this is - Ideal for a crowd - Almost all can be done ahead . I cut the recipe back to 2 slices - no problem. Love the flavor of the spices. Lovely aroma while they are cooking. Definitely no extra sugar needed. I recommend using pure Maple syrup Definitely a do again and again recipe

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Bergy December 28, 2008
French Toast with Apple Sizzle (Foodfit website)