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My husband requested french toast sticks so I decided to try this recipe. It was delicious. I found them to be just a tad too sweet but everyone else thought they were perfect; they definitely don't need any syrup for dipping though! I made them as directed, but the egg mixture was only enough for 6 slices of bread (I used Arnold white sandwich bread, and very lightly battered the strips). They didn't stick at all on my lightly buttered stove top griddle, which was nice. My husband was looking for a crispier stick, so after they were done I put them on a cookie sheet and baked them at 350 for a little less than 10 minutes. They were exactly what he wanted! We will be making these again. Thanks!

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The Portugarians February 15, 2010

Made these this morning for my first OAMC session. I didn't add the icing sugar to the egg mixture, I reserved it to sprinkle over the top after they were done. They never made it to the freezer, everyone loved them so much!

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dgibbs2112 February 06, 2011

October 2007: These were so good fresh & after reading other reviews about not having any left over we made a double batch to make sure we had some to freeze. We have found that they are good both in the toaster & in the microwave. I'm sure they'd be great in the oven but no one wants to wait long enough to heat it up! My one year old loved being able to eat one (without syrup) while toddling around the kitchen. My DH & teenage son just plain loved them. Better than store-bought & better than drive-thru. Thanks for the keeper! UPDATE November 19, 2007: It's been one month & we've tried them in the oven (delish) & today DD & I put some from the freezer into the toaster on the #4 setting (I use #3 for toast) & they were nicely crunchy on the outside & soft & hot on the inside. Very impressed with this recipe! Thanks again! Update May 24, 2009: We are still loving this recipe. For some reason I thought the original recipe called for Texas Toast, which I almost always use, but sometimes I just use the batter on regular bread & I did that this morning & finally got a photo I wanted to share. Next time I make the sticks I'll photograph those too. I do always use the Texas Toast for the sticks as they are nice & thick. :)

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**Tinkerbell** May 24, 2009

These are really good!! Like others we don't ever have leftovers to freeze even with a double batch. The only thing is I don't ever get eight slices of bread even if I double it. I guess I need to dip them quicker so they don't soak up as much... Very yummy though!!

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khess3 March 18, 2014

Love the ease of putting these together. I did cut down on the powdered sugar by half and that probably could be eliminated completely. The only modification I did was to add protein powder. I have picky girls and sneaking in extra protein is good. I put all of the ingredients in the bullet blender to mix and then into the bowl to dunk. I highly recommend the blender for this. Since I live in a cold climate I was able to flash freeze them outside on the porch! :-) It was -60F with wind chill. Took no time at all to freeze. Thanks for the great super easy recipe.

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Pumpkin's Cookin' January 08, 2014

Delish! I made these during my OAMC breakfast cook day. Tripled the batch. I used half and half instead of milk and added a splash of vanilla. My picky eater son devoured 6 sticks! Definitely will be a staple in my house.

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theclawsoncrew September 21, 2013

My husband's favorite is a baked recipe. I really liked this recipe. I cut the sugar by 1/3. I would cut it even more, because I don't think I can taste a big difference between this recipe and a recipe with very little sugar (it's not sweet enough to give up the syrup, and the syrup makes it sweet... so why not skip it?). Thanks for the recipe... I like the "sticks" idea, and I'll make and freeze sometime.

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Chef TanyaW March 04, 2013

I loved this recipe, and more importantly the kids loved it!

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Splash035 July 01, 2012

Quite good - everyone gobbled these up for breakfast this weekend. Made exactly 8 slices - I used plain white bread that I was looking to get rid of.

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Brooke the Cook in WI June 25, 2012

I've been making this french toast for about 2 yrs now, and it's my family's favorite! I tried other recipes, and was told to stick with this one.

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FastLaneMama August 20, 2011
French Toast Sticks (oamc)