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i've been meaning to write this review for a while... My husband surprised me with this for mother's day. I came home from a half marathon training run to a spread of this with eggs, bacon, fresh strawberries, and mimosas. It was the most delicious breakfast I've ever had! There's a little extra prep time (from what my husband said) with this french toast recipe, but the final product was so worth it! French toast used to be like pizza for me; any french toast was good french toast, but this was OUT OF THIS WORLD YUMMY! I don't think I'll ever be able to eat sub-par french toast again.

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redjonesy July 25, 2010

We had this for our breakfast this morning and my goodness it was way past delicious. I knew before hand that I'd have to double the recipe which I did. By the way, we moved to Bakersfield from beautiful New England (Ma.) five years ago. What was I thinking! Thanks so much for the recipe.

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Miss Eve May 06, 2010

Wow! This is what french toast should tasted like. But of course it IS Alton Brown... we just love him. Dh made this for our anniversary breakfast using Bread Machine Challah and it was wonderful. We used 2 huge slices and the bread was so thirsty that the first slice soaked up more than half of the custard leaving the second slice a little dry in spots. Next time we'll double the custard part if we're using giant pieces of bread. Thanks for posting this recipe!

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muncheechee April 30, 2010

We have made this in the past and it's excellent! It also solves the problem of everyone being able to eat at the same time. We have a large two burner skillet and it works reasonably well and finishing them in the oven is a great final step! We love this recipe!!!

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hartleystudio April 29, 2009

Excellent French Toast. I did have a hard time browning them evenly, especially when I tried to do two in the skillet. Also, putting them in the oven consecutively led to the first ones being a little overdone/dry once the last two had their 5 minutes. Nevertheless, these are yummy! I used brioche for nice dense toast.

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BarbryT April 12, 2009
French Toast from Alton Brown