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I just "liked" this recipe hence the 3 stars. I wish I could find something that had the texture of real french toast without the eggs. The missing eggs really make the difference, but this was the best eggless french toast that I've eaten so far. I used regular white flour as I didn't have whole wheat flour and I didn't use the yeast b/c I didn't have any. I also used rice milk b/c I don't drink soy milk. I also used Pepperidge Farms Oatmeal Bread (60 calories/slice). The toast was a bit flat, but when you are watching calories, this worked out just fine. My DD is still eating hers and seems to really like it. The recipe was fairly simple to make and easy. When I did my first slice, I used oil, but it was too greasy for me so I wiped out my pan and added the next slice. It worked fine without any oil and didn't stick like I thought it would. Then I sprayed some pam in the pan for the last 3 slices and that worked great too! Thanks for the eggless recipe. You might want to add this recipe to the eggless category. I was looking up Masala French Toast and this was one of the first few ones on the page. The only reason why I clicked on the link was because I saw "Vegan" in your description. However, I normally search "Eggless" in my titles and this one does not show in the results. You might get more hits that way. And, I'm adding my pics, but they are bit fuzzy...not sure what is wrong with my camera!

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Trixyinaz October 27, 2007

wow this was great i eat it every day!!

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Tara Colquitt September 12, 2004
French Toast