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The temperatures here went from being 65F to 80F VERY quickly.. I had soup on the menu for last night but it was way to hot to do that. I had seen FT's picture of this recipe and it inspired me to try it. I love how the kidney bean, zucchini & mushroom mix came out! Mmm I could just eat that by itself, and might at a later date. Few recipes actually leave me with "happy tummy" we both had "happy tummy" after eating this for dinner last night. I was extremely overheated after working in the garden and this actually cooled me off and left me with a pleasant feeling. I admit.. I left out the anchovies but I'm not much of a fan of them. Thank you for sharing this GREAT recipe with us!

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Teddy's Mommy April 13, 2008

I didn't have zucchini or mushrooms, and I used white beans and regular vinegarette, but... This was really good. Such a pretty plate and the flavors combined and contrasted beautifully. Thanks Caroline.

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Julie3551 November 17, 2007

I have to admit to being a little puzzled by the addition of the Kidney beans in a French salad - BUT, I added them anyway - and they were a surprising and very tasty addition to this salad - adding texture and bite! I was unable to add mushrooms or courgettes, so I added grated carrot instead; but I STUCK to the rest of the recipe, except for using green olives instead of black olives - Malcolm had scoffed them all!!! The salad was SO pretty and the marriage of flavours was lovely - much like a Salad Nicoise, without the green beans and potatoes! I made this for French Food & Foto Fun for the Photos Forum, and I can confidently say, I shall be making it again! Thanks Caro! FT:-)

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French Tart November 03, 2007
French Salad- Salade Composee