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Was looking for something different to serve at a vegetarian "French" themed dinner party. Each vegetable will be served as a separate course, so I'll add to the presentation of this by topping with a few homemade herbed croutons and an additional small dab of creme fraiche. Should be lovely. Thank you for posting this.

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labouchet August 19, 2002

We love celeriac but have only whipped it with potatoes and cream. This is a great addition and will now use this vegetable more often.

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waynejohn1234 August 19, 2009

Yumm!! Celeriac really needs a balancer like cream to tone it down a bit. I love creme fraiche but I did this with sour cream because I already had a bit to use up. I had roasted some celery root last night with olive oil and kosher salt and found it strong on my stomach and I realized I like it better as an accent flavor in a soup with a dairy and other vegetables so I was glad to find this recipe! I did one batch with sour cream and one batch with buttermilk, the buttermilk gave a nice tangy accent but I loved the sour cream one the best so I know that creme fraiche would just be to die for!! This is a great recipe for celeriac, thanks!!!!

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Chef*Lee May 21, 2009

I was looking for something just like this to go with our haggis dinner after a friend, who works at a Scottish social club, said the chef there served creamed celeriac alongside neeps and tatties with the haggis. It does go very well a third vegetable at a haggis dinner and it's pretty enough on the plate once whipped up. Quite the change from what it looks like before you cook it! I'm sure you could serve it with any meat at a dinner party. A bit of nutmeg would be nice mixed in with the salt and pepper.

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Sackville February 01, 2006
French Pureed Celeriac Root