Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

I got this recipe a long time ago and used to use it often. These can be served with fruit, maple syrup, powdered sugar, chocolate, etc. This is a fun recipe to get creative with.


  1. Mix together flour, powdered sugar, and salt.
  2. Add milk and eggs.
  3. Mix well until smooth.
  4. Heat oil in frying pan on medium/high until pan is hot (you may not need oil if you have a nonstick pan).
  5. Pour about 1/4 of the mixture in the pan and turn off heat.
  6. Cook until dry and then flip. Remove immediately and place on plate or serving dish.
  7. Repeat.
Most Helpful

Excellent crepes, I made them with a berry pinnapple syrup, fresh strawberry and whip top.

toddcook April 16, 2013

I did not need to make this recipe because it is the same one that my mother made for years. We came from the Netherlands and she used to call them pancakes. My husband who is Polish had a name for them, which I can't spell, but his family filled them with jelly. We filled them with plain granulated sugar.

Wilhelmina #2 January 31, 2008

Outstanding indeed! These are delicate and delish! I filled with bananas. Served for breakfast! Thank you!

Rita~ October 19, 2007