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i don't know why i didn't rate this before - maybe because I made many changes (used as much fresh as possible, including spices, etc.) this is just wonderful!!! all in all, i think the reason why there are so many onions is because the idea is for the onions to be slices exceptionally thin - "go out and buy new knives" (which i did) thin. and, of course, we have to pay attention to the fact there is a loaf of bread involved - and it must be *toppest* quality (get those kneading gloves on). I throw so many mushrooms into the mix i'm surprised i can fit anything else - but i do - and even augment the published main increment to cover. this is the most annoying soup i make - but i make it often. thank you so much for publishing it!!!

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ejmatl January 25, 2009
French Onion Soup - Alton Brown