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Well. This is an interesting recipe. Probably about a 3 1/2. My garlic cloves were not really soft after 20 minutes, so I cooked them about another 10 minutes. As I was just making this for myself, I did not want to heat up the oven, so I toasted my bread, then rubbed it with the garlic, and then put it in my oversized soup mug. Cheese went on top and then a quick zap in the micro got it melty - used more cheese. My poaching technique leaves a lot to be desired, so I beat the egg and poured it in a ribbon into the broth - as for egg drop soup. I did find I desired both more salt and pepper than called for. It's a delicate soup - perhaps a bit too delicate for me. I'm more a big and bold rather than delicate. Still, it is quite an interesting soup and I will say this for it - I was so tired when I got home today that I could barely stand, but I feel amazingly revived after eating my bowl of soup.

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duonyte April 04, 2011

WOW. I made a few changes, but this was amazing. I used beef broth in place of the water, a pinch of crushed sage in place of the leaves, and I added quite a bit more salt and pepper. But I realllyyyyy liked this. It sounds so weird, but....just woah. This is going in my best of 2012 cookbook for sure! Thanks Syd!

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VeggieCook98 April 20, 2012

Excellent soup! This has a very mild garlic flavor, but makes a very nice, comforting lunch on a cold day. I used homemade french bread and eggs from my back yard chickens, which likely amped up the flavor a bit. The only thing I would change is to add a bit more salt- taste the broth after removing the poached egg, and season to taste. Although I had this by itself, it would be perfect with a lightly dressed green salad and a glass of white wine. Also, a perfect light first course for a dinner party. Thanks for sharing!

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IngridH November 22, 2011

I have to agree with the last poster it was interesting. I made exactly as directed and it needed something more in my opinion. Salt helped a lot, but I think it would be much better with chicken stock rather than water. The poached egg added a lot.

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Margie99 April 17, 2011
French Garlic Soup