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I was caught making the classic green bean casserole for the holidays and didn't have the Durkees French Fried onions. I had no desire to run to the store so I tried these. They are much easier than I imagined. Cooked up a batch in just a few minutes. (and had to chase the kids out of the kitchen so I had some to cook with!) I salt and peppered the flour before cooking the onions. I will never buy them again! (just have to remember to double the batch...they are so addictive!)

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princess buttercup December 03, 2002

I will be making these often for casseroles! I live in East Africa and so I make everything from scratch out of necessity. I made these for a green bean casserole for Thanksgiving. They were easy, cheap to make, and delicious. My husband and I kept snacking on them. They were just like the ones in the can but a bit better because of the fresh taste, they're crispy and melt in your mouth, and the fresh onions are more potent. I sliced them very thinly on a mandolin slicer (very fast and easy if you have one) and followed the recipe closely, except I added a little onion powder and white pepper to the salt before seasoning them at the end. My only advice is to cook them in as large of handfuls as you can because the longer you cook the oil, the darker it gets from all the loose flour that starts to burn and it affects the taste of the onions cooked last, though only slightly

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Mama Luka October 10, 2009

You've saved my green bean casserole!!! Only change I made was to add season salt and pepper to the flour mixture. I highly recommend doubling the quantities, as you'll easily find yourself munching on them. They're that good!!!

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~Srb~ January 29, 2011

Really simple and really yummy! Sliced them using a mandolin soaked in just milk and they came out thin & crispy.

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sleepigrl October 14, 2010

You rescued yet another recipezaar fan. I too, will never ever use store-brought french fried onions. Thank you.

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Tasty Buds June 21, 2010

I made this recipe so we could have onions on top of our salad. I had a small onion so I used 1 cup of flour, 2 tablespoons onion powder, 1 teaspoon each cayenne, salt and pepper. My Husband said "this is how I want you to make onion rings, and you can buy a huge bag of onions-we are going to need more-LOL! Super easy, very tasty, maybe a touch more salt but on the salad they rocked! Thanks for Posting!

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Dib's February 09, 2010

These turned out wunderful... I forgot to buy some from you green bean casserole. Then I remembered about this recipe and had to give it a try. I will never buy the canned stuff again.

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angels606 December 26, 2009

Turned out wonderful! I like to make things from scratch so this was just what I was looking for to make green bean casserole. I didn't use the whole batch and froze the leftovers to top other dishes later. Very simple and tasty. Thanks

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MommaWeb5ter December 10, 2009

I am not a fan of green bean casserole, but my family is, and this year we found out that most of the family has a wheat and oat allergy, so I have started cooking gluten free, it is easier. So of course we could not have the traditional gluten filled green bean casserole. I took a recipe from one of the other chiefs on here that did the gluten free green bean casserole and this recipe and through them together to make a wonderful, better than canned, green bean casserole. I used 1 cup soy flour and 1 cup white rice flour, with garlic and pepper seasoning. The reason for using soy is because that is what they use if you look on a can of fried onions (i forget which brand i had when I looked at the ingredients) It turned out so wonderful my step son ate it every night for dinner until it was gone! lol I said so I take it this one is better than the old recipe. He said uh hu with a mouth full. lol Usually the other one sits in the frig until i through it out. haha. thank you for a wonderful recipe.

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Healthy Mama: 1434108 December 05, 2009

didn't get to get the canned stuff this year for green bean casserole, but this was great! I also added an egg to the milk mixture, but completely forgot to add s&p...the second batch was great...i used lawry's season all...fried in a deep fryer at 375 for about 5 minutes...also, instead of using a bag, i used a gladware container....turned out great!!

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eavey November 27, 2009
French Fried Onions