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Miss Annie, yet another winner! This recipe is wonderful! As per my usual, I couldn't wait for Dan'l to get home before tasting and reviewing so I had a bite as it came out of the oven (just cooled enough). I made exactly as indicated, using the beef broth instead of the wine and cooked for 60 minutes. I will serve with a tossed green salad and French baguette, which I think is going to make a great meal! Once again, Miss Annie, Thank you for sharing this with us!

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Bev September 10, 2002

Miss Annie, we thought this casserole was so delicious. Very hearty and filling. I followed your instructions and used red wine instead of beef broth. The thyme lends a wonderful flavor, too. My husband said he was definitely taking the left-overs to work for lunch. Thanks for a great meal.

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ratherbeswimmin' April 04, 2003

I really liked this but I made a few changes. First I did it in a stock pot on top of the stove and I started with a tiny bit of olive oil and I cooked some bacon until crispy (I had cut the bacon into little pieces before cooking it). Then as those turned brown I threw the carrots in to cook them a bit. After I was satisfied that the carrots were partially done I threw my onions and garlic in for just a minute before I added the other stuff. The last change I made was I used alot more sugar than you called for, I must have uses about 7 big scoops with a tablespoon. I just kept tasting and adding because I was looking for sweet and tangy. :). I cooked it for about 20 minutes (the amount of time it took to make cornbread, which went perfectly with this!) thanks, I'm keeping this one. :)

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dsabol2000_8813122 March 28, 2010

This is an excellent recipe in its own right as well as an excellent one on which to build, which I did, and used my large crockpot to hold it all. I added 1 lb chicken thighs, cubed, & 1 lb pork chops, cubed, to the sausage. I used white kidney beans in place of the great northern, a 24 oz can tomato sauce, 1 lb carrots, 2 large onions, 1 cup white wine in place of red wine, doubled the garlic, and omitted the brown sugar, keeping the thyme about the same. It was ready 8-9 hours later. Took to a potluck the following day where it was the highlight of the luncheon table. Thanks for posting this Miss Annie. Fall is here, and winter isn't too far behind, which means many more occasions to pull up this recipe!

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woodland hues September 21, 2008

Great comforting dish! I made exactly as the recipe, except I browned the kielbasa with the onions and carrots first then combined everything else and cooked in the oven for 45 minutes. It smelled heavenly while cooking. The whole family gives this 5 stars. I plan to serve the leftovers over rice.

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Niki-G January 28, 2008

a wonderful way to serve kielbasa. I followed the recipe exactly except for the thyme...I kept it to one teaspoon. Mixed up the casserole in the morning and had it for dinner that night. This was delicious!! I'm adding this to my original review....I used a tube of Jimmy Dean low fat sausage, fried up, instead of the kielbasa. And, as another poster suggested, cooked it in the crock pot all day. It was super-delicious.

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debleekay October 27, 2007

This is a real good dish. I make this recipe all the time. I will throw all of the ingredients in the crockpot and cook it on low for eight hours. It is really simple and dinner is ready when I get home.

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MsBaton October 31, 2005

Excellent dish. I used canned diced tomatoes instead of tomato sauce and it eas great.

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SharonB April 22, 2003

Very good, I will swap tarragon or another spice for the thyme next time though. I used about 3/4 tsp and it was still too much for me. I'll try a chicken sausage next time too. Thanks for the keeper!

Update: I changed it slightly to tamper the thyme and boy do I love this meal now for ease and flavor! I added 1/4 tsp thyme, 1/4 tsp tarragon and 1 tsp of good sweet hungarian paprika. Sauteed the onions and garlic and then made it on the stovetop (45 min total) because our oven is on the fritz. YUM

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lolablitz December 20, 2011

I love a great recipe that is primitive in nature and results in something that tastes as fantastic as this. It was so easy to make, I felt good about the wholesome and natural ingredients it called for, and it gave the illusion that I had slaved away in the kitchen for a LOT longer than 10 minutes. What a keeper!

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Michelle_InTheKitchen March 31, 2010
French Country Casserole