French Canadian Tourtiere

Total Time
15 mins
20 mins

Traditionally French Canadian. We had this every Christmas Eve with more in the freezer cause it's so good. You could use only hamburger instead of pork and beef, but it just wouldn't be authentic!

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  1. Cook all the ingredients together in a pot over medium heat till the meat has lost its pink color but is still moist.
  2. Cool then put mixture into an uncooked pie shell.
  3. Top with crust and bake at 425°F for 20- 25 minutes or till crust is golden brown.
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I had been looking for a good tourtiere recipe and I have found it. It has the perfect blend of spices. My family loved it!

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This tourtiere was gently spiced and crumbled the minute we put a fork to it. I guess we all like ours more robust in flavor and one that stands up to our fork,lol. It was good and we did eat it all but I/we prefer a heavily spiced pie with a little potato in it. TFS, I enjoy trying new tourtiere recipes.

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My boyfriend is from Africa and the first time he came to Canada I made him a truely Canadian meal, including this recipe. Now he asks for it all the time!! The water seems to keep the meat moist, and the spices make it just right. Thanks for the great recipe!!!