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The recipe did not specify how much water to use; I used 2 cups which was just a little much. After adding a little more flour to suit, I got a great result. This is just about as simple as bread can be, with no added sugar, eggs, or oil in the dough. The bowl of water permits the bread to bake in high humidity and makes the crust nicely light and crisp. Made for ZWT8.

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Lavender Lynn July 28, 2012

Great baguettes!! I combined all the flour and salt with about 2 cups water. Had the first rise, then kneaded it for 10 minutes with additional flour about 3/4 cups. Nice crusty baguettes. Used 1 baguette for Goat Cheese and Walnut Nibblers #390794 by alligirl. Thank You. Made for ZWT8.

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MomLuvs6 July 28, 2012

Perfect! To prepare I used an ABM to prep the dough. Shaped the bread, proofed in the oven, sprinkled with little bit of flour and garnished with French grey salt. (The dark specks you see in the photo are the grey salt granules after baking.) I used 1 1/4 cups warm water and I was afraid one tablespoon of ADY would be too much but it was not. To serve: first I spread this butter mixture on the bread: Maitre D' Hotel Butter followed by this: Goat Cheese and Walnut Nibblers. Reviewed for ZWT 8/France. Thank you!

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COOKGIRl July 24, 2012
French Bread Baguette