Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Posting for Zaar World Tour 5 for the Carribbean. I found this on another site.


  1. combine all ingredients thoroughly.
Most Helpful

A very simple to make, light tasting, vinaigrette. I'm going to use this over a vegetable & bean salad, so I think I'll add some chives and garlic to it, to further compliment the flavours. I took two pictures of it - one is when I'd only whisked it, and the second is after using the immersion blender, which makes it more visually appealing as it doesn't separate so easily. This is a recipe I'll use again, because it's so easy and versitisle. Adding any herb that compliments your salad will kick it up a notch! Thanks for sharing, Realtor! Made for 1-2-3 Hits.

Katzen June 14, 2009

This was a very pleasant, mild vinaigrette. I used it on a simple lettuce salad, and it complemented the salad nicely without overpowering it. I think if I were planning to use it on anything stronger-tasting, such as endive or similar greens, I'd want to add some garlic as well. But it worked very well for a nice, mild-flavored salad. The only change I made was to use stone-ground mustard instead of Dijon (personal preference). Thanks so much for sharing this recipe, Realtor! Made for Everyday is a Holiday tag game.

Halcyon Eve June 03, 2009

This has a good flavor, but was milder than I expected. It would be good as a dressing for a light egg or potato salad, or as a marinade for mild fish. Made for ZWT 5

Chocolatl May 28, 2009