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Very tasty indeed, and no one complained at dinner. I did feel that the black olives felt out of place with the cream - or maybe that's just a combination my family and I don't care for, but we did end up picking them all out. Good luck, chef.

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evelyn/athens June 22, 2013

This turned out to be a delicious and forgiving recipe. I'm ashamed to admit this but it's true, I got out all of the ingredients and had them waiting on the counter. All went well and smoothly, the dish came together looking very tempting and sumptuous over the rice when plated. It was yummy and I made a mental to say a special thank you to it's creator. When taking the empty dishes to the sink I then saw an open can of tomatoes and some olives sitting there waiting for me. Oh the embarrassment, lol, I can only say that it was delicious even with two missing ingredients. As I said, a marvelous and forgiving recipe that I highly recommend.

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Annacia June 21, 2013

We really enjoyed this, remarkable melange of flavour and really delicious! I did miss out the asparagus because I'm not that fond of it, but stayed true to recipe otherwise. Great dinner and definitely that bit different!! Thanks BK, made and enjoyed for Consideration Tag Game

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Karen Elizabeth November 11, 2015
Freebooter's Chicken & Rice