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I make these every year, they will melt in your mouth! In the morning I will even drop one in my cup of coffee!

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Julie B. December 11, 2013

These were really tasty, but mine did not turn out as creamy as a Frango Mint. Maybe it was a texture thing, so next time I might try spreading in a pan and cutting as one reviewer suggested. Maybe it was the chocolate I selected; I used Baker's Chocolate Chunks. My youngest daughter entered them into the fair; I will keep you posted about the results.

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Cook4_6 September 12, 2009

Yummy! My mom has been making these for years. She got the recipe from my gramma who has been making them even longer. I like putting them into candy cups, as well. I know my mom would put it in a glass baking dish (to set), cut it into small pieces and wrap. I like to add different flavorings and even use different chocolates. White chocolate is nice, because you can color. My favorite combo is dark chocolate with raspberry.

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aQTforever August 31, 2008

Awesome recipe! I make these mints every year for Christmas. They're very easy to make, and the recipe makes plenty. And they really do taste like the famous Frango Mints! They tend to go quite fast at our big family Christmas party. One word of caution about sticking though. The mints are easy to handle while they're still chilled...but after they've been out for a while and are at room temperature, the mints soften up and end up sticking to whatever platter I place them on (even if I use waxed paper or fancy paper doily liners). So, for the last couple of years, I've dropped the bits of candy directly into those small paper candy liners (instead of onto waxed paper). It makes it much easier to handle the mints after they softened to room temperature. And the festive holiday designs or bright colors on those paper candy cups makes for a nice touch to our holiday buffet table.

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NorthwestGal May 20, 2008
Frango Mints