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This recipe is heavenly! We all enjoyed it and my guests would not leave if I didn't share the recipe with them. Thankyou for a recipe I will.enjoy many times over.

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Bergy August 21, 2001

Bergy originally suggested this recipe as one we would like. Thanks Bergy! I'm normally put off by so many ingredients, but it was really easy to assemble (and that didn't take nearly as long as bijoudog suggested). Our cilantro was a bit sad, so I used a combo of mint and parsley instead, and didn't put the carrots in it. I made this with prunes, apricots, and a few pieces of crystalised ginger for the fruit. We had this over couscous with currants onions, and preserved lemon.

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JustJanS June 27, 2002

I scaled this for 4 servings. This is absolutely delicious! Every bite was like a different blend of flavours. Loved the addition of the nuts and fruits. (I used apricots, raisins and prunes)This will be a favourite. Thanks for posting. =)

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Evie* April 13, 2002

This really is superb. It is one of my go-to party dishes. And yes, by the second forkful, people start asking for the recipe. I have made it many times, It works perfectly as a braise in the oven, or in a slow cooker as well a stove top stew. No lamb? No problem. It is delicious with beef, chicken or venison. I replace the lemon zest with a quarter of a preserved lemon (Moroccan Spiced Preserved Lemons) minced as fine as possible. If you do, remember to adjust the salt. Also, I double the dried fruit, and use as many kinds as I have: apricots, cherries, raisins, prunes, cranberries - you name it. You'll want plenty of couscous, rice or noodles alongside to soak up the wonderful juices. Add a green salad, and dinner is ready.

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Feed me now! October 11, 2012

Wow, I happend to have all ingredients but dried fruits. Picked raisins from my husband's musli and added dried blueberries and South African fruity chutney. Good, so good. Served with rice and as suggested mashed potatoes. Both good.

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Bjchef May 17, 2015

I scaled this down for 2 people and I will be making adjustments for the heat. I used white pepper instead of black pepper and that may have led to the heat. Cutting a tad on the ginger, curry and cayenne will improve for my household's taste, we are more accustomed to more subtle dishes with a med twist. <br/><br/>Fruits were raisins, apricots (which I normally cannot take) and prunes. They added a lovely sweetness that lingered over the heat that is on the backside of the bite. I avoided the nuts entirely but will possibly pine nuts in the future since almonds are a hazard. <br/><br/>For a first time Moroccan dish..fantabulous!

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boundgypsy July 30, 2014

This is fabulous! It is going to be our new Easter tradition. I was anxious about all the flavors, from sweet to spicy, very unusual mix, but it is absolutely outstanding. I made a few changes. I marinated the meat for about 30 minutes in the vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil and spices. That way, all the flavor blended in with the meat when I browned it. And I did not include the cilantro as my family finds that to be an unpleasant herb. Try it, be adventurous!

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Roadrunner's Chef March 31, 2013

Everything you read about this recipe is true. i made it last night adding an extra lb of lamb it was marvelous! We paired it with couscous and butternut squash. Better than any restaurant. oh, and the aroma!!! YUMMM-O!

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Chef k mmy November 05, 2009

5 stars This was a hit with all the people I asked to be guinea pigs. The recipe is fabulous. . . preparation take almost as much time as cooking. . .especially if you spend lots of time trimming the leg of lamb. . .but it was worthwhile and definitely a keeper. I used only craisons and apricots, and everything fresh. . .ginger, etc. The stew was, truly a fragrant combination of all great things.

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ksw1200 September 28, 2008

please please make this. i was scared about halfway through but once the dried fruit caught up with the rest of the flavors it was AWSOME.

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mojomuppet February 18, 2008
Fragrant Lamb Stew with Dried Fruits