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Oh my god,oh my god oh my god....This recipe is DIVINE!!!! I cooked it for my partner as I love to experiment and I have recently given up eating meat, so I am looking for new and exciting recipes with fish... All i can say is that if I was served this dish in a restaurant I would be highly impressed, and probabaly back there at least twice a month for this fabulously tasty dish... and the best thing is that it's so simple to prepare! Thanks for sharing it with me,

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PsychoDame April 28, 2006

Sooooo easy! And so tasty!

I did change a few things though, to make it a little healthier, and even simpler to cook.
I used a can of lite coconut milk instead of cream, and skipped the cilantro as I didn't have that fresh.
I added all the spices to a casserole dish, added the coconut milk, added the fish and made sure it was well coated. Covered with aluminium foil and baked in a hot oven for 10-15 mins.

I made enough to ensure there were left-overs and the spices just keep improving with time.

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Andrea-Oz March 12, 2011

Very tasty fish recipe! We didn't find the spices overpowering at all. The only thing I'd change next time is to add another chili pepper. Yum! Thanks for posting! Made for PAC Fall 2009

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AmandaInOz September 09, 2009

This was extremely good. I did find it necessary to reduce the cilantro to half of a bunch , I used only one chili pepper and only 1 tablespoon of graham masala. I am pretty sure I would have found the flavor a little over whelming otherwise. I made my life a little easier by putting the fish in a 9X13 dish spreading the marinade on it, spooning the coconut cream on top of the fish and covering the dish with foil. I had extra marinade left so I froze it and certainly plan to make this again!

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tara portee July 18, 2009

I tried this omitting some spices and still the spices were overpowering. It was ok for me but maybe my Italian friends didn't think so. I give it a 3-star cause I think some salt can be good for the taste.

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Just Me in Modena October 29, 2006
Fragrant Coconut Lime & Ginger Fish Bake