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For chinese night I made these for fun...I cant say it was a complete disaster, but I learned a few things about making fortune cookies. These spread alot in the oven. So, after the first batch I didnt spread them as thin..If they dont completely harden you can place them back in the muffin pan in a warm oven to harden up till crisp,but not to hot a oven as they will completely soften again and loose there shape..Individually wrap in press and seal and store in ziploc till serving time..Also,my problem with all the cookies was the messages stick to the cookies,eliminating the fun,reason way I made them. Next time I will place the message on the cooked side and fold over.But the kids were impressed with the idea anyways and they did look like fortune cookies and what they could eat of the cookie and not paper tasted good, everyone liked the flavor..Would I make these again? time will tell...But I know I have to give it another try... .

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Potluck March 13, 2010

I am, with some trepidation, giving this 5 stars. The final half of my second batch finaly turned out looking like fortune cookies! The first batch did not turn out at all. The batter had the consistency of a mousse which I thought odd. I beat the egg whites until light and fluffy but not stiff, then had to beat the bejeebitz out of it after I added the sugar to get it anywhere near stiff. The cookies were too spongy in the middle... and too thick. They did not fold at all but merely broke and crumbled. Then I added some water and tried again... again no luck. I tried what another reviewer did and attempted to make them on a giddle like a pancake... that REALLY didn't work! But each disasterous attempt to bake and fold ended up in my mouth and boy were these tasty so I decided to try another batch before completely giving up. This time, I walked away from the beater when beating the whites and when I returned they were stiff (oops). I added the sugar and only had to blend it in since it was already stiff! Then when I put the remaining ingredients in, it miraculously turned into a batter rather than a mousse! These spread easily into a nice thin circle. I baked them for 5 and a half to six minutes (at 350) and they still weren't golden on the edges, but one batch that did get golden also didn't fold too well so I took them out and they folded easily. About halfway through I was becoming an expert folder and my little wonders looked like the real thing! One note... They look better if you flip them over before folding so that the side that was down on the baking sheet is on the inside of the folded cookie. Then you get the nice smooth top of the cookie on the outside. For ease I'd rate this recipe a 2... (expect at least one batch of trial and error) but the taste is so awesome, I can't help but give it a five. Now that I have the hang of it, I'm dreaming up creative ways to use these gems! Thanks!

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GSCook January 14, 2010

I thought these were tasty and really pretty easy. They did crack when I folded them but we didn't care. We cooked them for 6 minutes.

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Ceezie February 09, 2016

I want to piggyback on GSCook's comments, which were very helpful. I had the most success when I made the cookies little larger than 3" (a tablespoon amount usually did the trick) and then used a 3' wide wine glass and trimmed the cookie after its 6 minute cycle. Flipping them over, folding all went very well as the crisp parts were now removed. I cooked two at a time since I needed time to trim. I placed the completed cookies back in the oven for 5 minutes at 300 to sort of crisp them up. I took eight attempts to net five cookies, and then I was getting two a cycle. Very yummy, and I would definitely try this again.

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thomas-mail May 16, 2015

I tried this recipe but added 1.5 tsp cornflour and only used 1 tsp vanilla extract instead of almond extract. Taking in the comments here, I also flipped over the batter after 4min and cooked the other side for 2min to get a better shape. <br/><br/>It was challenging to fold the cookie immediately out of the oven but I read somewhere we can try using cotton gloves. Shall try that next time! The final product turned out looking like a fortune cookie except when it cooled down, the texture was crunchy around the edges and soft/chewy in the center. The cookie was also too sweet. <br/><br/>As I was about to deem it a failure, I came across Potluck's suggestion and dumped it in a warm oven for an hour (or more? i can't remember) and tadah! it was perfect. Even the sweetness went away.

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sugoii99 October 21, 2014

This recipe came with a little trial and error... but I will share what I learned:<br/>Heat your cookie sheet before spreading the batter. This will thin it out and let the cookies come out slightly thinner. Then bake the cookies about 4 min and then flip them over and let them bake about another 2 minutes until they have golden brown edges. This will make the cookies crisp when they cool instead of the sponginess that some reviewers are talking about. After I figured out these tips, I was very happy with the results.

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dmt2teach May 21, 2013

Great flavor but I did have trouble as I think I whipped the eggs too much. Made for a thick batter. Will try to get them right next time.

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adopt a greyhound August 15, 2010

I really liked this. I didn't cook mine as long and I used the advice of another review and used about 1 tsp of vanilla extract. They turned out deliciously like sugar cones. I ate three of them myself and my family loved it. Thanks!

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twilightxlovex3 February 16, 2010

My cookies were more like cakes than crisp cookies. The flavor was good and my kids loved the fortunes I put in them ("Kiss your Mom", "Always brush your teeth, etc.). Also, the recipe only makes a dozen cookies.

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diana_massaro February 14, 2010

Whew! These taste delicious but out of 12, I got 3 nice cookies on my LAST batch. You have to get them folded IMMEDIATELY out of the oven or they crack open and it takes patience and force of WILL! Mine took 7 minutes to bake at 350. Good Luck!

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lynmoz May 27, 2009
Fortune Cookies