Formula to Test Drinking Water

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0 mins
72 hrs

This test will determine if any bacteria are present in your drinking water.

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  1. Place the sugar in a cup of water and place the cup in a sunny location. Sugar is a food supply for bacteria and they will become very active and feed on the sugar and multiply. If the water becomes milky after about 2-3 days the bacteria are very active.
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It didn't get I guess it worked!!!

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After seeing Sharon try this, I knew I had to too! DS is always complaining about the filter needing to be changed in the fridge ice maker & water dispenser (even when DH just replaced it). I have a huge aversion to unfiltered tap water & refuse to ingest it for any reason without boiling first. Well, it turns out we're both freaks. LOL I tested both sources side by side on a shelf behind my kitchen sink and even after 4 days we still had bright clear water in both. I still don't drink the tap water, but I don't freak when DH does anymore. :) Thanks for sharing this recipe, Daycare Lady!

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If this truly works, I'm happy to report that my water was clear after 3 days of sitting in the windowsill! Thank you, I'm relieved!