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I made this recipe because a local mechanic came to my rescue. He is a diabetic. I had never made a diabetic dessert before.
That being said, this recipe is really easy and fun to make. I couldn't find any sugar-free chocolate chips, so I used semi-sweet and chopped then up really fine. The taste of Splenda is not the greatest, but I think this is a great sweet treat for the diabetics out there. I haven't heard if my mechanic friend liked them, but if not, that's okay, my mom and I sure enjoyed them!

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deanadolphin September 20, 2012

I used hazlenuts as I had some and there is nothing nicer than chocolate and hazlenut. I attemped to make these twice, and both times they collapsed, Im not sure if it is because my oven did'nt retain the heat or the sugar replacement hasn't the same integrity as sugar. However the taste and texture were perfect. I only managed to try one before my husband (the only diabetic in the house and therefore "the only one officially allowed to eat them") took them and hid them...I think that says it all!

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WicklewoodWench April 04, 2011
Forgotten Cookies-Diabetic