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I made this to take to the in laws for thanksgiving. It was SPECTACULAR. The flavor was amazing. I was surprised at the reactions I received from it, will definitely be doing this one again for Christmas...the only thing I did differently, is used much less of the fried onion rings. I probably sprinkled a cup or so on top, just barely covering the dish. People that don't typically like green bean casserole, LOVED this green bean casserole.

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Mary W. December 18, 2009

I will change my rating after I make this.But I just wanted to point out that if the title of a recipe says forget the cans you would think that there isn't any canned soup in this recipe.I was all excited when I saw the title of the recipe because I thought it was a recipe from scratch but then I saw it still had canned soup in it.Its just a misleading name of the recipe...That is all I am trying to say.

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Halloweenfairy85 November 17, 2011

I wanted this to be good...it starts out good with the fresh mushrooms and onions, but the can of soup (yes it still has cans!) is what I feel kinda ruined it for me. I was hoping the fat-free version would be different, but I noticed it still has msg and I try to avoid the stuff. I will stick with Paula Dean's green bean casserole - it's the best one I've found so far. I too, thought I didn't like the green bean casseroles until I tried her recipe. No cans for sure!

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JeanieK November 09, 2009
Forget the Cans- Real Green Bean Casserole