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This turned out very tasty, although it was my first attempt at roasting such a large piece of meat (4 lb). I roasted the meat in my convection oven, on a rack over a shallow pan, at the temperature given. I thought the meat might cook more quickly in the convection oven, so when it started smelling done after 3 1/2 hours, I tried to take a piece with a fork, and it came loose! So, I removed it from the oven then, only to find that, although it was cooked through, it was not all cooked enough to shred. I decided to save the portions for later, and I'm sure they will be enjoyed. I also was wondering if I should have covered the meat. Thank you very much for posting this recipe. It was an experience.

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mianbao April 04, 2013

I made this recipe last night, there were 4 of us and we all agree this is the best Pork Roast you will ever have!! and at $.99 a pound on sale, it is cheap to make, the taste is marvelous!

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Cooking Mama March 09, 2006
Forever Roasted Pork