For Kids: Daisy in a Pot Salad

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READY IN: 20mins
Recipe by graffeetee

A no-cook recipe that has healthful ingredients and lets kids "play" with their food. Maybe they will even come up with their own ideas!


  1. Wash the apple and celery.
  2. Peel the orange and the bananas.
  3. Divide the orange and apple in half. You will only use half.
  4. Clean the seeds out of the apple.
  5. Cut the bananas in half, then cut those pieces in half the long way. These are the daisy petals!
  6. Put the orange half on a platter. That is the middle of the daisy.
  7. Next is the celery stick. This makes the daisy stem. Put it next to the orange so one short end is touching the orange.
  8. The banana slices are flower petals, so arrange them around the orange to look like a flower.
  9. Now the daisy needs a pot to grow inches Put the apple half at the other end of the celery stick stem.
  10. Your daisy salad is ready to eat! You can add the other half of the apple and orange to the plate too, if you want.

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