Fool's Salt - Sel Fou - French Style Seasoning Salt

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Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Every self-respecting French housewife has a tub of this by the side of her cooker; they are all slightly different depending on the region you live in, but this is one that I use over and over again. It has just a hint of herbs & spices, enhancing a dish rather than overpowering it. The French call this "Sel Fou" or Fool's Salt, which is a wonderful name for it I think! Please note, I have NOT added any chilli powder or Cayenne pepper in this mix - I realise that hot spices are popular in seasoning salts, but this is herbal rather than spiced! I use it to sprinkle over salads, add it to pasta, stews, soups, daubes, casseroles, pies, roast chicken & meat etc. It is also GREAT sprinkled onto hot Chips (French fries) & over the top of pizzas. I don't like to make huge quantities, due to the herbs losing their freshness and flavour - so, this makes about 125g (just over 5 ozs) of Fool's Salt; you can of course increase the quantities if you wish!

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  1. In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients together.
  2. The icing sugar and corn flour are essential as a stabilising element in this seasoning salt.
  3. Store the salt in an open Salt Pig or a bowl with a small wooden salt scoop/spoon.
  4. Add about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon to stews, sauces, casseroles, pies, soups, pasta, etc. Alternatively, sprinkle over roast chickens or meats, salads, breads and pizzas.


Most Helpful

Five stars for sure! I was unable to find dried horseradish, so I substituted dry mustard powder as suggested by a previous reviewer. I find I'm using this seasoning salt for almost everything. Thank-you Tarty! :)

J. Ko March 23, 2009

Coming from a heavy salt using family, I personally never used it. But I gave this a try. Half the fun was grinding the organic sea salt in the mortar & pestle, getting it nice and fine. Subbed out the horseradish as I had none, for a bit of dry English Mustard. This is so darned good! Just a pinch I used but it really enhanced the cooking. Instantly a favourite!

freya1924 June 02, 2007

Where have you been all my life. This has got to be the most fantastic seasoning mix around. (Used dried mustard) I've been using is constantly in pretty much everything. It sits next to the stove, to make it very handy. I think the BEST is using it in fried onions. It makes eating them kinda heavenly sinful. :) Thanks adventure continues. Made for the Auzzie/NZ Recipe Swap #38

Diana #2 March 19, 2010

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