Foolproof Standing Prime Rib Roast (Paula Deen)

Total Time
1hr 40mins
Prep 10 mins
Cook 1 hr 30 mins

This is from Paula Deen of Food TV and is what I fixed for Christmas Dinner 2005. I was tempted to open the oven to check how things were going, but I resisted...waiting until it had cooked 40 minutes at the final stage of cooking. I had a 9+ pound roast and the final temperature at that point was 129°F. It was wonderful! I'd definitely cook it the same way again. See Paula Deen's House Seasoning Mix for seasoning.

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  1. Allow roast to stand at room temperature for at least 1 hour.
  2. Preheat the oven to 375°F.
  3. Rub roast with House Seasoning; place roast on a rack in the pan with the rib side down and the fatty side up.
  4. Roast for 1 hour. Turn off oven. Leave roast in oven but do not open oven door for 2-3 hours. (I give a range because I have had roasts perfect to a bit over-cooked. I would check temperature after 2 hours--don't go over 125°F in final cooking cycle because it will rise another 10 degrees or so during resting phase).
  5. About 30 to 40 minutes before serving time, turn oven to 375°F and reheat the roast. Important: Do not remove roast or re-open the oven door from time roast is put in until ready to serve.
  6. Cover with foil and let stand for 15 minutes before cutting.
  7. Note: I learned from a chef a trick for satisfying everyone with prime rib. Cook it rare. If anyone wants it done medium, dip their slice in a pot of simmering au jus for 1 minute.


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We just did a 12 pound roast and it came out perfect. I strongly recommend a leave in meat thermometer so that you don't have to worry about getting it exactly right. Also, don't forget that the meat continues to cook once you take it out. For a rare roast, the temp should read between 135-140 when it is removed from the oven.

virtangel January 24, 2010

This Recipe ROCKS !! I had Never made a Prime Rib, But for my Thanksgiving I wanted to make something special. I was planning on making plain old Roast Beef. My boyfriends Parents bought us a prime rib for dinner, I told his mom I was going to make it in the Crockpot like I normally do with any other RoastBeef. When I told her that she gasped in Horror, so I googled it. All the comments about doing the Prime Rib in the crockpot said it was a very bad Idea. So then I googled Foolproof Prime Rib. This Recipe was the 1st one listed in the google search, I knew I had tried things from this site before and with all the positive review's I thought it couldn't be so bad. I did it with a 2.11kg Bone in Prime Rib Roast. For people like me that don't have a rack, I just piled up some raw onion, garlic, and potatoes so it wasn't on the bottom of the pan and followed the instructions. My only other change, was that I sprinkled / rubbed with the House Seasoning the night before and right before I put it into the oven. Every one Loved it. Honestly I think they were a little shocked I pulled it off. My Prime Rib roast turned out about Medium Well. That works for us because my parents won't eat beef anything pink (Yeah yeah I don't know whats wrong with them). But even being Medium Well. It was super tender. I was even asked for the recipe. I will defiantly be making Prime Rib again this way. Maybe for X-mas since they were so impressed I've been nominated for that dinner too. Thanks again for all the Review's and the people putting the effort in writing them.

godessofDEATH October 13, 2009

If I could give it 100 stars I would!!!!!! I have used this recipe for the past several Christmas roasts as well as several other "less expensive" cuts and it turns out perfect EVERY time!!!! Size of the roast isn't an issue. My family LOVES this method and we look forward to it every time!! The only thing to plan ahead for is cooking other things. But....I just let the roast rest while we cook the stuffing and it works out just fine! Cover roast with foil and it stays plenty warm. Definitely recommended!!! I made a full recipe of the house seasoning 1 cup salt (I use table salt) 1/4 cup black pepper 1/4 cup garlic powder Then I keep it in an air tight container to use throughout the year. It is also great on steaks on the grill or oven.

sconehead December 25, 2008

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